Elevate Your Search: The Best 22 Alternative Search Engines

alternative search engines
alternative search engines

Are you concerned about security and anti-competitive aspects or do you need a modern alternative to Google for your online presence? Get started with our recommendations for the 22 best alternative search engines. You don’t need to utilize Google to see something up online, and there are bounty of reasons not to—among them dodging the protection concerns that come with a mammoth enterprise knowing so much approximately you from your web movement. A few elective look motors offer other benefits, such as rewards or gifts to commendable causes based on how much you look.

In a digital age where information is at our fingertips, alternative search engines have become our go-to tools for navigating the vast landscape of the internet. While Google may be the reigning king, there’s a rich tapestry of alternative search engines out there, each catering to specific needs and preferences. In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey to explore a multitude of search engines, from Bing to Baidu, and delve into what makes them unique.

Whereas the quality of comes about between Google and any other look motor utilized to be a genuine issue, presently you’d be hard-pressed to discover much contrast. In fact, a few of the leading elective look motors utilize privatized comes about from Bing and Google, whereas others have built their claim web-crawling location records.

The most prominent contrast you’re likely to take note is the positioning of the best comes about. So in case you think one megacorporation doesn’t ought to know every little detail approximately you and benefit from your data, or that one company shouldn’t control more than 90% of the world’s web looks, check out the finest look options to Google.

The 22 Best Alternative Search Engines

  1. Bing
  2. DuckDuckGo
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Ask
  5. Baidu
  6. Brave
  7. WolframAlpha
  8. Boardreader
  9. StartPage
  10. Ecosia
  11. Qwant
  12. Search Encrypt
  13. SearX
  14. Yandex
  15. Gibiru
  16. Disconnect Search
  17. Swisscows
  18. Lukol
  19. MetaGer
  20. Gigablast
  21. Oscobo
  22. Infinity Search

1. Brave Search : alternative search engines

Best for Privacy, Customization, and AI Summaries

search engine

 From the innovative creators of the privacy-focused Brave web browser Brave Search boasts unparalleled privacy. Brave was the most private browser in my tests using the EFFs Cover Your Traces tool so theres some validity to that claim. According to Bahadur we do not track your searches or clicks. Once there is no account available to log in. Your IP address is used to localize the results but is not stored. You can turn off this access. When I type a search into Brave Search my ad and tracker blocker uBlock doesnt show any blocking notifications.

Brave gets results from its own web crawling index and anonymous API calls to third parties. In addition to privacy Brave Search is also rolling out new features like AI-powered Snippets that can create paragraphs as the name suggests. A summary of the source results for your query. A new discussion section on the results page collects comments from Reddit and others. Finally Goggles has a beta feature that lets you customize your results with parameters such as no celebrity content left or right news or only results from the top 1000 sites. Developers can submit their specs to search engines.

2. DuckDuckGo : alternative search engines

Best for Anonymity

search engine

A prominent name in your search deserves your attention. DuckDuckGo (or DDG to its fans) has a simple privacy policy: We dont collect or share your personal information. The search interface is very simple and in my experience results are targeted even if the full information in the Bing and Google search tables is missing. Find images for news maps (provided by Apple Beauty) and shopping events.

Its a nice touch that DuckDuckGo adds more header options based on your search term like specifying food meaning and recipes. My uBlock reported the page results to the developer on DuckDuckGo even though they came from DuckDuckGo itself. DDG introduces the Tor .onion version of its latest search engine. If you like DuckDuckGo you can also participate in their browser. The company has a mobile browser and now also offers a desktop browser for Windows (in public beta) and macOS.

3. Ecosia : alternative search engines

Best for Supporting the Environment

search engine

Ecosia makes people feel good about their online research by helping them plant trees in environmentally sensitive areas. The Ecosia project has so far planted more than 180 million trees in partnership with local environmental groups around the world. This search site doesnt provide a smooth results page but I always find what I need. In terms of privacy the site says it wont create a profile of you based on your search history and will anonymize all searches for a week. uBlock Origin detects (blocks) some Bing trackers but is the first site to use cookies that you can disable. The price of these trees does not pay for itself.

4. Bing : alternative search engines

Best for Rich Results and AI Tools

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For a look encounter that’s as near to Google in terms of abundance of data on the result page—and in numerous cases indeed more valuable moment result cards—Bing is it. Yes, it as well is from a monster tech company, in spite of the fact that one that’s a distant cry from being a look restraining infrastructure. Agreeing to Statcounter, Bing gets as it were approximately 3% of look activity around the world and around 6.5% within the US.

You’ll say that Bing has vaulted past Google in capabilities, with the presentation of Bing Chat, an bewildering AI search bot fueled by ChatGPT. For me, the foremost exceptional portion is that it recollects the setting of your questions in subsequent questions, so you’ll refine a look without writing out the entire thing. It’s too the most excellent among AI devices in giving joins to its sources. Google still as it were offers a closed beta of its look AI and a open beta of the partitioned Poet instrument, which the company names an “explore.”

Bing is the foremost full-featured contender in this bunch, with unused AI Bing Chat look and substance era, solid news, picture, video, and outline looking capabilities. Bing is known for predominant picture and video look alternatives. Visual look lets you drag a picture or take a photo for your look. It too offers voice look and can reply your inquiries out boisterous in the event that you need.

5. Mojeek : alternative search engines

Best for Emotion-Ranked Results

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 Mojik is a UK-based search engine that focuses on privacy. It is fully indexed although it is much smaller than Bing or Google. Sometimes the results appear in an unexpected order but you can usually get what you want. One of Mojiks smart and unique features is sentiment detection which uses deep machine learning to analyze the sentiment of web pages. You type in your search term and then choose whether you want results like happy angry sad etc.

It also allows you to search images provided by Bing and Pixabay. Two other differences are searches assigned to focus (for example searching for recipes) and searching for items in a substack. Mojik doesnt have a lot of graphically pre-made answers like you find on other search sites. For example searching for Major League Baseball scores still only returns links. Some results pages include a Wikipedia card as do many advanced search sites. About Mosaics security and privacy uBlock hasnt found any trackers it needs to block and the site claims to have the first privacy policy that says it doesnt track you and doesnt. Sell ​​your data.

6. Presearch : alternative search engines

Best for Web3 Fans

search engine

Privacy is the main mission of this decentralized web3 search site. Presearch is the only service listed here that doesnt run on a single companys servers but instead uses distributed nodes to anonymize your queries so your information isnt stored by a single provider. My uBlock tracking cookie blocker didnt find anything that could block Presearch. If you are logged in you can customize your search provider buttons from a wide list including Bing DuckDuckGo and Google.

Signing in also allows you to earn Presearchs Ethereum-based crypto token PRE but only if you stick to Presearchs own search engine and have a limit on the cryptocurrency you can spend each day. Currency can be earned. Anyone can run a node server on a distributed system to earn PRE rewards that are used by advertisers when bidding on keywords. Note that there are many user reviews online claiming that they cannot delete PRE tokens but can decentralize and search multiple times. Dont expect financial returns. Ive had better luck with Bing Rewards in this regard.

7. Qwant : alternative search engines

Best for Maps and Music Search

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 From the EU comes Quant an anti-Google search service. Although Quant uses APIs from Microsoft Bing Twitter YouTube and iTunes Quant has an attractive design and uses its own indexing robots to scan websites for results. The maps are based on the open source OpenMapTiles and you can store your map history privately. Quant also produces a kid-friendly version of its research platform called Quant Junior.

Using Qwant users can ensure that their browsing history is not saved they are not profiled and they are not targeted with personalized advertising. Although uBlock has deemed a number of trace files suitable for blocking they all come from the qwant.com domain because they appear on one of uBlocks blacklists. The site clearly states that we do not track or collect data from our users… Users can be assured that their browsing history is not saved while using Qwant and that they will not receive personalized advertising. Not profiled and targeted with .

8. Seekr : alternative search engines

Best for Showing Reliability and Political Leaning of Results

search engine

Seekr has an initial search. It uses machine learning to evaluate web results in trust and opinion. So the results page shows whether each link is right-left or center-aligned. It also shows the reliability of the results ie. Whether it uses clickbait or a name title. Sliders can be used to filter news results for more credibility or left or right political stances. Seagreens ratings are algorithmic so they work on any English language website worldwide.

Seekr does not yet rank for non-English websites but it is on the way. The company said it will build its own web index and use Bing for map results. Seekr is not actually a proprietary search service. uBlock blocks four tracking cookies and earns more money. The companys privacy policy states that your data may be shared with business partners to improve the quality of the ads you see.

9. Seva : alternative search engines

Best for Team Charity Fundraising

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Shiva takes its name from the Sanskrit word meaning selfless service. How Swisscows and Ecosia Seva aims to turn your acquisitions into charitable donations: the turning point is to organize yourself for a fundraising campaign. This website allows you to donate to the following charities: Best Friends Animal Society Eden Reforestation Project Elite for Water Ocean Heart SaveUkraine.org St. Jude and the World Food Programme.

For privacy reasons the Site does not track or store your searches. Its results are very simple without a map and it sends images videos and news to Google to help you find big-name content in search. Maybe thats why the uBlock Origin Tracker Blocker extension found so many Google trackers on the Seva results page.

10. Startpage : alternative search engines

Best for Anonymous Proxied Results

search engine

StartPage uses private Google search results. The company boldly claims that this is the worlds most private search engine. Search and youll find a variety of his web images videos and news. The anonymous display option allows you to click the mask icon next to the result to view his web pages detected by the proxy his server without providing any data about you to sites other than the start page. StartPage removes the IP address and other information before submitting and logging the query. UBlock ad and tracker blocker only blocks StartPages own ads and does not detect third-party trackers.

11. Swisscows : alternative search engines

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Based in Switzerland Swisscouse offers a private messaging app VPN private email and a privacy-focused search page to donate to worthy causes. The results of Swissoose do not include harmful websites or adult content making it a good choice for young users. In addition to the usual filters for web image and video search results Swissoose also has a music option that lets you play songs from the free Soundcloud service.

The results page uses anonymous smart previews so you dont know youre browsing when you find the site you want to visit. This is just a rough image of the page but you can read the whole page without needing to. uBlock Origin should not have blocked suspicious tracks. This is good privacy advice.

12. Yahoo! : alternative search engines

Best for Rich Result Pages, News, and Financial Information

search engine

The once dominant and much-derided Yahoo search has recently started to regain ground. Yahoos home page has a search box at the top as well as panels for news weather sports and trending searches as well as buttons for the companys popular email service. Visit search.yahoo.com and youll see a simple page with modern searches and buttons for other Yahoo services including the venerable Yahoo Finance.

Yahoos search results page while not as elegantly formatted as Yahoo provides quick answers. Bing and Google. That said of the services included here next to these two major services Yahoo Search has the most complete answer page. Yahoo uses Bing to power its search results but it also has its own cutting-edge search panel technology and other features. uBlock Origin blocks Google and Bing trackers while Yahoo Maps is powered by the excellent Open Maps open source service.

13. Infinity Search : alternative search engines

Infinity Search: Privacy and Efficiency        

search engine

Infinity Search is a relatively new entry in the realm of alternative search engines, and it’s making a name for itself with its focus on privacy and efficiency. This open-source search engine was designed with a commitment to not track users and to provide an efficient, lightning-fast search experience. As more users seek privacy-focused alternative search engines to traditional search engines, Infinity Search has emerged as a contender in this space. Its commitment to user privacy and speed, combined with its open-source nature, make it an attractive option for those who prioritize these factors in their search experience.

14. WolframAlpha: alternative search engines

The Computational Knowledge Engine

search engine

WolframAlpha isn’t your typical search engine. It’s a computational knowledge engine that specializes in generating answers to factual questions and performing complex calculations. Popular among students, educators, researchers, and professionals, WolframAlpha’s vast knowledge base covers everything from mathematics and science to history and culture. this is a alternative search engines.

15. You.com: : alternative search engines

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Imagine a search engine that knows you better than you know yourself. You.com aims to do just that. Using AI and machine learning, it tailors search results to your personal preferences and search history, delivering a more personalized experience.

16. Yep : alternative search engines

Privacy and Simplicity

search engine

Concerned about your online privacy? Yep is a privacy-focused search engine that doesn’t track your searches or collect personal information. Its clean and straightforward interface makes it an ideal choice for those who value simplicity and anonymity.

17. Openverse : alternative search engines

For Creative Commons Content

search engine

Openverse is a unique search engine designed for discovering Creative Commons-licensed content. If you’re in search of images, music, or other media that you can use freely and legally, Openverse simplifies the process. then it would be your alternative search engines

18. Gibiru : alternative search engines

Uncensored and Private Searching

search engine

Gibiru offers uncensored search results and enhanced privacy. It operates outside the traditional search engine ecosystem, ensuring your searches are free from any censorship or filters.

19. wiki.com : alternative search engines

A Niche Search for Wikipedia

search engine

wiki.com is a specialized search engine for Wikipedia. If you’re a frequent Wikipedia user and want a direct route to your favorite online encyclopedia, this is the alternative search engines for you.

20. SlideShare : alternative search engines

A Hub for Presentations

search engine

SlideShare isn’t your typical search engine, but it’s a goldmine for those seeking presentations and slides. If you’re a student, professional, or just a knowledge enthusiast, SlideShare can be a valuable resource.

21. Wayback Machine : alternative search engines

Time Travel on the Web

search engine

Ever wondered what a website looked like in the past? The Wayback Machine is your digital time machine. It archives web pages, allowing you to explore the internet’s history.

Browser-Based Search: No Download Required alternative search engines

If you prefer not to download a search engine, browser-based options like searX offer an open-source solution. They allow you to access multiple search engines from your web browser without the need for a dedicated search engine tool.

22. Neeva: alternative search engines

Ad-Free and Private

search engine

Neeva takes a unique approach by offering an ad-free search experience. It’s subscription-based, ensuring your searches remain private and free from the influence of advertising.

Specialized Search Engines: Tailored for Every Need

There are Specialized alternative search engines like searX cater to a variety of niches. Whether you’re looking for code, torrents, or specific file types, these engines provide more focused results.

Other International Search Engines: alternative search engines

Diverse cultures and languages are well-represented in the world of search. Baidu (China), Yandex (Russia), Sogou (China), and Naver (South Korea) are just a few examples of international search engines.

  1. Ask
  2. Baidu
  3. Boardreader
  4. Search Encrypt
  5. SearX
  6. Yandex
  7. Disconnect Search
  8. Lukol
  9. MetaGer
  10. Gigablast
  11. Oscobo

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